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TRANSLATION: English > Russian or Russian > English
Translation + proofreading + editing (by Russian native speakers)
TRANSLATION: Russian > English + editing by English native speaker
Translation + proofreading (by Russian native speakers) + editing (by English native speaker)
Editing by English native speaker
US and UK editor
English text editing by Russian native speaker
Proofreading and editing by Russian native speaker, €0.05 per word if less than 50% of the text is corrected, otherwise €0.1 per source word
Desktop publishing
Our rate per hour
Important details
We offer fixed price for all our translations (both English→Russian and Russian→English), with all texts always being proofread and edited. Whether a simple invoice or a high-tech TED talk, our price won't change. Furthermore, we offer discounts for any matches with texts we have translated for you before and any repetitions within your text.
Proofreading and editing
(by Russian native speakers)
If your original text or translation from somewhere else requires polishing, our team will not only correct any typos and grammar and style errors, but also improve readability. This service is offered for both Russian and English texts, as our staff proofreaders and editors, although being Russian natives, are true specialists in both languages. Indeed, many of our customers never go back to the English-native-speaker-editing option once they see the quality of output. For this service, we charge ₽3 for proofreading or ₽5 for editing, where more than 50% of the text requires rewriting.
Proofreading and editing
(by English native speakers)
If you need your summit keynote speech in English to sound as natural as possible or your website texts to be perfectly tailored towards an English-speaking target audience, we can engage our UK or US editors (₽5 per source word to be edited). In addition to the target output, all changes will be tracked so as to clearly display all corrections and comments made by the native speaker involved.
When are discounts offered?
(Spoiler alert: matches and repetitions, see scenarios 2 and 3)
We always start with preparing a quote which provides details of estimated project completion time, price, and any discount. Check out some examples of discounts below that we have offered based on file analysis by our Translation Memory (TM) software.

In short, we give discounts for any repeating segments (e.g. sentences) across one or several files and for any fragments that match previous translations stored in our TM software, an integral part of any Computer-Aided Translation (CAT) system.

Please don't be alarmed! CAT is not the same as machine translation services like Google Translate, Bing Translator or any other such system. CAT systems save and analyze translations performed by experts, rather than machines. So here is how our quotes may look:
Scenario 1
If you are a new customer or send us a brand-new text, you will receive something like this:
This text has a total of 1,461 words, but due to a few repetitions (e.g. phrases like "solution benefits", "projects completed") you will only pay for 1,431 words (€0.1*1,431=€143.1).
Scenario 2
Some quotes can come with significant bonuses:
Here is a quote that we issued to a regular customer. This company holds the same annual event, therefore we had already performed a similar translation the previous year, which was stored within our TM software. Here, we can see that, out of 1,114 source words, we only need to translate 431 new words. Therefore, the customer will only pay €43.1, instead of €111.4.
Scenario 3
This quote is the equivalent of a Black Friday bargain for a customer. Not only is there a partial match with previously translated texts, there is also a lot of repetition across the newly sent files. As a result, the customer only pays for a single file, with translation of the remaining two spreadsheets costing almost nothing. Even though this scenario is not really a moneymaker for translators, our customer will never pay a cent above the file analysis value generated by our CAT tool.
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